Liss training

liss training

On the other hand, if youre only incorporating hiit workouts into your routine, try adding in at least one liss session as well, in order to keep that heart pumping strong).

Some of the many benefits of liss include, increased energy, better blood flow, a stronger heart, improving cardiovascular afvallen health, and during the beginning stages of a workout program, its great for fat burning. Our bodies however, can quickly adapt to become more aerobically efficient, due to the principle of adaptation. So if youre using liss as your primarily source of cardio, it can eventually become counterproductive of your goals, especially if one of them is long term fat loss and maintenance. In order to keep up with our bodys aerobic adaptation process, one would have to continually run for longer and longer distances and durations in order to burn voor the same amount of calories they did when they first started running. This is why its so important to have a balance of both types of cardio in your weekly routine. This helps to keep our bodys guessing, and also prevents any sort of plateau from occurring. This isnt to say you shouldnt be doing any sort of liss cardio, because you absolutely should. If one of your goals is to be faster, stronger, leaner and have more endurance, then my advice is to aim for one liss cardio session per week, along with 1-2 hiit sessions. So i guess what Im trying to say with all of this is, one form of cardio isnt technically better than the other. Both have their benefits and should be added into your daily routines. However, if youre looking to achieve long term fat loss and maintain it, and you havent already added any sort of hiit into your routine, i highly suggest doing that and promise you you wont be sorry with the results.

liss training
energy in, energy out balance. So while you shouldnt perform hiit cardio everyday, what this means is that in between your hiit sessions, your body will continue to burn more calories for 24-48 hours after the workout has ended. During hiit training you shouldnt be able to hold a conversation, if youre able to do that, than youre not training hard enough. Now, you may be asking, what happens after the two minute time frame is up and youre no longer in that hiit training state? This is when the body starts using oxygen for energy inside the muscular system. So in this case, you would be performing liss cardio, also known as low intensity steady state cardio. Liss cardio utilizes our aerobic system. Aerobic exercise can last anywhere from ten minutes to up to two hours by using oxygenated blood to transfer energy to the working muscles. Examples of liss cardio would be, walking, running, biking, swimming, elliptical, stair master, etc.
liss training

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Adding hiit training into your workouts is a great way to increase endurance, get stronger and faster, helps you to burn more calories (even while you sleep increases your metabolism, and can even improve your overall physical performance. By boosting your metabolism, hiit training helps to preserve the bodys lean muscle mass and gain cardiovascular and fat burning benefits. Examples of hiit training would be, sprint intervals, performing thirty seconds of sprints followed by thirty seconds of rest. Repeating this ten times for a total psoriasis of ten rounds. Another example of hiit training would be, performing an exercise such as box jumps for thirty seconds, resting for thirty seconds, followed by thirty seconds of squat jumps, etc, for a total of five rounds. Both of these workouts will get your heart rate pumping in a short period of time. Since anaerobic or hiit training is so intense, it is not something that you should do everyday. I recommend incorporating it into your daily routine at least two days a week, of course with. Day of rest in between the two days to let your muscles repair themselves.

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Your aerobic system is what produces the energy necessary to restore intracellular atp and PCr levels, metabolize lactate, and generally get you headed back toward homeostasis so you can perform the next set. Better aerobic conditioning means youll recover faster between sets (and since youll be somewhat less reliant on your anaerobic system for each set, theyll be less fatiguing in the first place) so you can handle higher total training volume. Lifting heavy things is more metabolically taxing than most people realize click to tweet If you plan on Getting Stronger Lets revisit the studies showing that you burn about 100 calories deadlifting 175kg for 4 sets. Were going to use those numbers as a yardstick for a bit. They found that energy expenditure was directly (and quite strongly) correlated to the amount of work being done. Work scales directly with the amount of weight on the bar. Lifting 100kg is twice as much work as lifting 50kg. So, if you deadlift 175kg for a set of 8, you burn 25 calories. If you deadlift.5 for a set of 8, youd only burn about.5 calories.

liss training

With aerobic energy production, you get a more modest drop in muscle pH and a much slower depletion of energy substrates. Central fatigue can certainly set in eventually, but it takes much longer usually accumulated fatigue after hours of continuous, strenuous activity or weeks of hard training. Essentially, the buik more energy you can produce aerobically to meet a certain demand, the less you have to produce anaerobically, so the less fatiguing a given amount of training will. Reps and Fatigue per Set, its important to keep in mind that even things we consider purely anaerobic still have an aerobic contribution, and its often larger than we think. For instance, this study showed that even for a 200m sprint (20 seconds of all-out effort about 30 of the energy produced was produced aerobically. For the 400m, 800m, and 1500m runs (considered heavily anaerobic events especially the 400m and 800m the aerobic energy system was already contributing more than half the energy produced by 15-30 seconds into the run.

Even for relatively short efforts (like a heavy set of 5) the aerobic system is producing almost a third of the energy needed, and for higher rep sets, its producing more than half the energy. The implication: The more powerful your aerobic energy system, the more reps tumor youll be able to do with a given weight or percentage of your max, because every bit of energy you can produce aerobically is that much less that you have to produce anaerobically. Also, if you do the same number of reps with a given amount of weight, less of the energetic contribution will come from your anaerobic energy systems, so the set will be less fatiguing. So youre either looking at more work and the same fatigue, or the same amount of work with less fatigue; either way, you win. This actually relates to a past article about sex differences : Women can generally do more reps with a given percentage of their 1rm because they generally have higher aerobic and lower anaerobic capacity per pound of lean body mass than men. Recovery between Sets Although youre obviously very reliant on your anaerobic system when youre actually lifting the weights, what energy system do you think you use to recover between sets?

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A one-rep max attempt relies almost exclusively on the anaerobic energy systems, particularly the anaerobic alactic (ATP/PCr) system. So, the thinking goes, since the aerobic energy system is almost entirely irrelevant when youre on the platform, it must not matter very much for powerlifting. This article explores why thats shortsighted thinking. While your aerobic system isnt doing much for you when youre actually on the platform, it very strongly influences how hard you can train, which is ultimately what allows you to put up big numbers on the platform. Context, lifting weight is metabolically taxing. Studies have found that doing 4 sets of 8 deadlifts with 175 kilograms burns about 100 calories.

Thats roughly the amount of energy youd burn running a mile if you weigh 130lbs, or running half a mile if you weigh 260lbs. Those numbers may not mean much to you right now, but Ill show you why theyre important later. Cost, an important thing to keep in mind is the cost of producing a given amount of energy aerobically versus anaerobically. We fatigue during exercise for a variety of reasons. I wont even try to go through all of them here (and even if I did, all I could do is recount the best guesses we have right now. Because fatigue is so multifactorial and difficult to study, we really dont know for sure what causes it, in all or most cases but its pretty well-understood that burning through a ton of energy anaerobically in a short period of time is quite a bit. This is due to both local and central factors. Local factors have to do with substrate depletion (burning through PCr stores and, to a lesser degree, muscle glycogen changes in ion concentrations that decrease the excitability of the muscle, and increases in metabolite concentrations and rather large decreases in muscle pH that can influence. Central factors mainly have to do with decreased oxygen availability, increases in certain inflammatory chemicals, a slight drop in blood ph, and other such factors that increase your brains perception of fatigue.

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The metabolic currency of your body is atp. There are two wandelen main ways your body regenerates atp to produce energy: with oxygen (aerobic) or without oxygen (anaerobic). Your body can produce energy much faster anaerobically. The fastest way is by using stored atp, and replenishing atp directly from phosphocreatine (PCr). However, this only lasts for 8-12 seconds. The next fastest way is by anaerobic glycolysis, which lasts for a few minutes, but which also causes acute muscular fatigue pretty quickly and doesnt harvest very much atp per molecule of glucose used. Your body can produce energy aerobically for a very, very long time, getting every little bit of atp out of each molecule of glucose or fat used. However, aerobic energy production is quite a bit slower than anaerobic energy production.

liss training

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Hes got a lot of great resources that address this stuff. Id highly recommend his book ultimate mma conditioning, and if youd like a brief primer on his work, you should check sporten out this lecture. These two fantastic review articles (. Discussions with my friend, alex viada, who specializes in improving peoples endurance while also making them jacked. If this subject interests you, id highly recommend his book. First things first a very brief overview of energy systems. 1 priority is staying alive. To do that, it has to produce energy at roughly the same rate you expend.

What youre getting yourself into 3100 words 8-12 minute read time, key points, lifting heavy things is more metabolically taxing than most people realize. Most people think of weight training as a purely anaerobic enterprise, but the majority of the energy you use to train is produced by your aerobic energy system. Cardiovascular training can improve your recovery between sets and workouts, and wont interfere with strength or muscle gains if you do it correctly. Low intensity cardio should be prioritized over interval training for the most part. Thusfar, most of the articles on this site that have discussed cardiovascular training have dealt primarily with why its not the devil why it wont make you weak. This article deals with how it can be used to enhance your training and actually help you get stronger, faster. Youll notice that I wont be citing as much research in this article as usual. Thats because the bulk of this information comes from four main sources: my exercise Physiology textbook. A lot of the ground covered in this article simply relates to basic aerobic physiology.

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Yup, thats right, todays post Im going to focus on the two types of maxima Cardio, hiit liss and the benefits of doing each. I know that Im a huge advocate of lifting weights over cardio workouts, but that doesnt mean I dont think that cardiovascular exercise is bad for you. In fact quite the opposite, i like to add in 2-3 hiit sessions into my workouts each week, and one session of liss. This is on top of my normal weight training workouts. So what exactly is hiit cardio? Hiit cardio, also known as high intensity interval training utilizes your anaerobic system. The anaerobic system of our bodies is utilized primarily for energy during short bouts of intense exercise lasting from ten seconds to up to two minutes of work. So what happens during this ten second to two minute phase? During this time, your body uses stored glycogen in the muscles to transfer energy.

Liss training
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